Demlane Farm is a family owned and run farm. Michael and Cynthia are the know-how and hard yakka behind the day-to-day running of the farm, and daughter and son-in-law Meghan and Ben are the "front-of-house", attending markets to promote and sell the delicious farm produce in the local region. 

At Demlane Farm we work with the environment to grow sustainable, healthy and nutritious produce in a complementary, holistic farming system. Two permanent spring-fed creeks provide us with pristine water. Our location along hilltops and a basin makes the farm it's own catchment area.

Our family wants to protect and build upon the natural environment, soil health, and plant and animal biodiversity of our farm, and produce ethical and delicious food that comes straight from us to you!


Sustainable to us means building the health and fertility of our soil,  though regenerative agricultural practices and supporting the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us. 

At Demlane Farm we don't use chemical fertilisers, pesticides, growth promotants or prophylactic antibiotics (we only treat our animals if they are sick).  All our fresh produce is chemical spray free, and grows in complementary plant and animal systems that promotes naturally reoccurring diversity in our soil health.


Demlane Farm runs a a large flock of specialist meat-breed sheep, a small herd of Angus beef cattle, an assorted brood of chickens and guinea fowl, and a gaggle of geese in the orchard.

We also grow a wide range of citrus (lemons, lemonades, Buddha's Hand, oranges, mandarins and limes), asparagus, figs, tomatoes, chillies, chestnuts, Dorrigo pepper and a range of seasonal herbs.